I am very happy share these few lines with you. You and your family members are always remembered in our hearts and prayers.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and widows in their distress." 
                                                                                                                                                      - James 1:27

In India some of the most vulnerable poor are widows. This is because in India, if a woman has no husband or male children to look after her in her old age, she can easily become forgotten and neglected. This is why it is not uncommon to find widows begging for food, especially in poorer villages

This is one of the most rewarding programs that Share in Repalle India. They have no jobs or not able to work at all. They have been kicked out of their houses by mean children due to compelling poverty in their own homes.

Destitute widows, the bible says 1, Timothy 5:3 “Honor widows” Project proposal for free vocational training program in stitching, embroiling and painting etc.scheme for the poor destitute widows who are below poverty line under income.

Project Overview :
The target group belong to poor women destitute women’s who are widows, and socially marginalized and economically poor and lost their husbands. Their main occupation is labor works on the agricultural fields on daily wages. The agricultural works are only seasonal for hardly two or three months in the year.. During the other days these poor women people will be struggling at the worst to earn their daily bread. During the slack season the men migrate to the nearby towns in search of works in commercial sectors and some become cycle rickshaw drivers. The women works as mail servants in the houses of landlords and rich families for a very lesser wages.

The target rural and urban poor destitute women will be provided with training in dress making (stitching, painting and embroidery etc) is very easy to learn and does not need any special skills or specialized education. The project will make the rural and urban destitute women’s, who are in a disadvantaged position to become self sufficient and financially independent without any discrimination of caste creed or religion. The training will be imparted to 50 destitute women’s in this center in the first instance which wills last for twelve months. These 50 destitute women will be trained in dress making (stitching, painting and embroidery etc) in this center. After the completion of the training they can produce dresses to the women. They can also marketing the production which they can make. After one year the center become a mini industry in dress making. It is very useful to the women. Kindly pray for this project. We got some sewing machines. We need 15 sewing machines each sewing machines cost $150 . Kindly pray for this urgent need, and extend your possible support  through pay pal

In our land there are number of widows, aged people, who lost their wives, husbands. Among these aged people some are not having children. So when they become old people if they don't have property or money nobody will take care of them. So they will become totally destitute. Their sons neglect some aged people because their sons do not want them. So these aged people get out from the homes and beg in the streets suffering with natural calamities. Since 5 years we are running one aged and widow home with 60 members. Some are lost their husbands by HIV/AIDS. Due to lack of facility in our compound we put them in our church members houses, we are praying to build one home.

As a special note, I would like to inform you that there are some leprosy in our area that is hiding themselves under the shade of trees, on pavements and platforms. Daytime they go on begging in streets. But as their leg and hand fingers are totally intentioned and rapture. They are neglected to be offered some food from the people. Thus they are living in s serious condition. At same time some leprosy would die without food and medical care. It melted my heart and inspired to do something for these cursed people. Jesus had a special place in His heart for the leprosy, when he was here on the earth and he still has a heart of love and compassion for them. If we can build a home for these leprosy and offered some food and medical care, they will live safely. This leprosy is regularly asking me to provide them such help, which can safe guard, their lives. I hope you can understand their pathetic condition and extend your very sacrificial support for the leapers, which can save these lives. Kindly pray for them and extend your possible support.
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