Rev. Gummadi Ebenezer


I am Rev. Gummadi Ebenezer, founder and president of “Gospel Outreach Ministries, Repalle India. I and my wife both had worked teachers at one of the Government school in previously, I rejoined to my jobs, and I finished my bible training in Hyderabad. We are doing ministry in costal area. Three years people did not believe me because I was such wicked man. When GOD started to move in my life healings happened when we pray in the name of Jesus. Several thousands of people were delivered from evil spirits. Several thousands of people are healed, saved in different Villages in all of our conventions. When I was dedicated my life to Him he blessed me by giving some people in my church who are from 29 castes, and different religions.

We started “Gospel Outreach Ministries” for the glory of God as well as for the humanitarian services.

Gospel Outreach Ministries is one of the fast rising Christian organizations, which is mainly working, in south India, especially in Andhra Pradesh state.

With burning desire and with great burden towards non-Christian people, who are 97.93% and never heard the word of GOD. As GOD commissioned, I started to preach in Andhra pradesh, which is 5 Th largest states in India. The population of A.P. is 80,355,000 area of the state 2,75,000 It has several languages. There are hundreds of castes; each caste has their own GOD of goddesses. The UN reached people are forward castes and Muslims and tribal people are minors.

Andhra Pradesh state has got several thousands of villages. Most of the population residing in villages, depending upon seasonal works and also there are agricultural laborers and uneducated people who totally depended upon their old beliefs and traditional beliefs. After traveling so many villages, I have decided to work in rural areas where there are neither Pastors nor churches. Our aim is to take good news of the lord Jesus Christ to the villages where it had not been spread previously. Those villages were neglected by both national and international ministries because due to lack of proper communication facilities and traveling facilities and lodging.

The villages consist of rich and poor. The rich belongs to forward community and the poor belongs to backward, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. The living condition of poor class people in these villages is very miserable and very Pathetic. Their poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and depends made them not to think of their physical, social and spiritual development they totally depends upon superstition. It is very uphill task to win their souls unto Christ.

Not only that in many villages do not they have traveling facilities, when we started our work, we walked several miles from one village to another village. Many times we slept on pavements in bus stations and in railway stations when we missed connected buses to travel back to our homes.

The Christians of India are deeply grateful to the western missionaries for their sacrificial life to preach the word of GOD in India. Yet it was said in the bible “The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few” (Mat 9:37) by seeing this I have fully inspired to reach the UN reached areas. So we have taken some methods to reach them.

  • Distributing gospel literature
  • Visiting every house
  • Conducting open air meetings
  • Conducting cottage meetings
  • Conducting conventions
  • Conducting crusades
  • Conducting bible seminars for the pastors/bible woman
  • Praying for sick an caste out evil spirits
  • Establishing churches in villages

We preach both in towns and villages, where there are heathen communities, stayed in the villages and build up good report with the people by fasting prayers.

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